Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Queen and her Court Jester

Hello my dear blog friends,

I am writing this blog today in the hopes of being considered one of the new Deen Family bloggers.  Since Paula Deen is one of the people indirectly responsible for me starting this blog (because I got hooked on her Food Network show), I thought I would give it the old college try.  Paula Deen is undoubtedly the Queen of Southern Cuisine.  She's sassy, vibrant, and the epitome of the Southern Hostess.  If Wikipedia had a picture of the Southern Hostess, Paula's picture would be right next to it.  It's kind of funny, but in a way, she reminds me of my mother who was very much a Southern Hostess.  I guess that may be why I can relate to her, not because she's so likable (she is), but because she reminds me of my Mom.

My mom was THE BEST COOK that I know.  She could turn leftovers into a gourmet meal and set a table that would put Sandra Lee's (another one of my favorites) tablescapes to shame.  Of course, this was back when the only cooking show on TV was Julia Child, so she was self-taught through the "LEARN IT OR BURN IT" culinary academy.  Since she grew up during the depression, she learned to not burn too many things.  I always loved to watch her cook, she never measured anything (unlike me, who I measure with the accuracy of a chemical engineer), and it always turned out amazing.  The only thing my Momma couldn't make was sweet tea, bless her heart.  She NEVER put enough sugar in it.  Anyway, I always thought I would have plenty of time to learn the secrets of being a good cook, but she passed away unexpectedly one night from a blood clot in her leg that dislodged and went to her brain.  Of course, she was supposed to be on bed rest which is why she went to Milo's restaurant (an hour away) to get a hamburger and sweet tea.  She wasn't an ideal patient (in medical terminology, that means she's non-compliant).   Now, I only regret the time that I was busy doing something else and not spending time with her and sharing in her knowledge.  So, I have found the next best thing and that's to watch Miss Paula on the Food Network.  She makes me laugh like my Momma did and I am now learning all the stuff that I should have learned way back when.

Why should I get picked as the next Deen Team blogger?  Well, I'm not a great cook, but I'm getting better (much to my husband's delight).  I'm honest about my triumphs and failures, hence the title of my blog "Beauties and Blunders."  Besides if Miss Paula is the Queen of Southern Cuisine, everybody knows that a queen has her very own court jester.

Until next time, enjoy the beauty around you and laugh at the blunders.   It makes life much more enjoyable that way :)