Monday, October 22, 2012

Homemade Bread Brick!

Well, it looks like this first post will start off with a blunder...  I decided to try and revisit my bread machine that has been sitting collecting dust for about 10 years (or more).  I pulled it out, cleaned it up, washed and dried all the parts,and I was ready to go.  I plugged it in and got ready for the taste of some homemade bread (sort of).  Can you call bread machine bread homemade?  Well, I think so, it will make me feel better especially when you see the EPIC FAILURE of the first loaf.  Anyway, I digress, I measured and poured all the ingredients, chose the crust setting and pushed the magic button (the one that says Start).  Four hours later, the wonderful aroma a fresh baked bread is wafting through our house and the beeper sounds indicating that the bread is done.   Woo Hoo!!!  I get so excited and I open the bread machine to find not a loaf a bread but a brick.  My hopes deflated just like my bread had done.  So, here is a pic of my bread blunder.  Don't laugh, it's not nice.  Ok, go ahead and laugh.  It should make somebody smile.  Since I am not a quitter, I will be trying this again, hopefully, with a much different result.  I'll post pics of the next attempt.