Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Homemade Ice Cream - YUM.....NOT!

This little story happened over the summer but I thought I would share it since everybody needs a good laugh now and then.  Let me set the stage for you........It was a hot, humid, summer day here in the sunny state of Florida.  It was too hot to do anything outside, even going from the house to the car, I felt like I was going to melt into a pile of Crisco.  That also meant it was too hot to cook.  Our supper menu would consist of the gastronomic delight of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cold lemonade.  Anyway, I got this brilliant idea to make homemade ice cream in my new ice cream maker that doesn't require ice and rock salt (no mess).  So, I pulled out my trusty ice cream recipe that I've used for 20 years and got everything together.  We measured everything out, stirred it all together and poured it into my handy dandy ice cream maker.  I pushed the magic button and eagerly started anticipating some yummy homemade ice cream.  Well, about an hour later, the ice cream machine signaled that the ice cream was ready.  We got our bowls out and filled them up.  My husband was the first one to taste his and he kind of got this funny look on his face but didn't say anything, I took a bite, expecting heavenly taste sensations but was I in for a surprise.  The ice cream tasted like vanilla salt.  YUCK! and DOUBLE YUCK!   Somehow, we added too much salt.  (How do you do something like that?)  I mean the salt is in this tiny little canister with a pour spout and the sugar is in a big canister with a measuring cup.  Anyway, I'm still not sure what happened or how we managed to put too much salt, but that ice cream went down the drain.  I never did get my ice cream that day.  My husband and I still can't eat homemade ice cream without laughing a little over that mishap.  That's the beauty of blunders and bloopers, they make great memories.  

Enjoy life's beauties and laugh at the blunders!  Until next time, Angela.