Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Birthday with L♥VE!

Today I made a very special birthday cake for the love of my husband.  This very special cake didn't require sifting the flour, folding in the flour in thirds, mixing wet ingredients with dry ingredients or 40 others has a very special ingredient.....LOVE!  You may think that this is not a true ingredient but I beg to differ.  A few years ago, when I actually started "liking" to cook, instead of cooking because we needed to eat, I noticed that my food came out better.  Even things that I had made lots of times the same old way, came out better.  What's the difference...I truly believe that I'm now cooking with LOVE!   This birthday cake is a plain old out of the box cake mix with canned frosting but I KNOW that it's going to taste amazing.  It doesn't have fancy piped frosting (I don't even own a pastry bag) but it does have a heart that I made from a paper cut out.   And you know husband will love it just as much as if I had spent hours and hours in the kitchen.  So, here's to wishing you amazing dishes made with love!