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I am a retired nurse and currently enjoying being a stay-at-home Mom and Wife.  I am the blessed mother of two and the proud grandmother of two. Cooking for me has always been a Love/Hate relationship.  I used to HATE to cook and anything to do with the kitchen yet I LOVED to eat good food.  A few years ago I got hooked on the Food Network channel.  The only thing that was wrong with that was, that I'd see all this amazing food and I can't cook like that.  My repertoire consisted of stuff like Sloppy Joe's and Hamburger Helper.  Well, one day, I had a crazy moment and decided I'd try one of the easy recipes from that Southern Queen of the kitchen, Paula Deen.  Now, to be honest, my first few forays into the unexplored territory of completely homemade recipes didn't always turn out as planned but most of them tasted pretty good.  As time went on, I got a little braver and started tweaking recipes to make them my own.  Sometimes they turned out beautifully and well, sometimes they didn't.  Sometimes I just had to shake my head and laugh...it was either that or cry (as a nurse, I can attest to the fact that laughter is the best medicine.)  Anyway, my Momma didn't raise a quitter so I keep trying and I even amaze myself sometimes when whatever I've cooked comes out amazing (like my Skillet Apple Pie).  Since my kitchen is not like the Food Network where you can have multiple "do overs" (and yours probably isn't either) I decided to share the fun on this blog.  I hope you enjoy sharing the journey with me, in the beauties that turn out, the blunders that don't and the bloopers that are just funny.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Frozen Lemonade Pie - Blooper Alert!

You know the old saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade," well, I decided to make Lemonade Pie.  As I have been packing every day for what seems like forever, I have been sorting through things to keep, sell or give away.  I had the sad job of downsizing my cookbook collection. Realistically, I don't use all of them, but it's sure hard to let them go.  I am hoping they find a new home and will bring their new owner much joy.  Anyway, I digress.  I found this recipe for a Lemonade Pie in one of my trusty recipe books that is sort of my "no fail" recipe book when I am looking for something new to make.   It seemed easy and sounded good (my top two requirements in a recipe).  So, I bought the ingredients for the pie, and then promptly forgot all about them (until AFTER I packed my trusty recipe book).  I don't know what I was thinking.  Obviously, I wasn't, thinking that is.  As I opened my freezer a couple of days ago, looking for something to make for dinner, I noticed the Lemonade and Cool Whip and remembered that I wanted to make that pie.  Since I had packed my trusty recipe book, I decided to try a recipe off the internet and got down to it.  The recipe was called "No Fail Freezer Lemonade Pie."   Guess what!  It failed, sort of.  The pie tasted good but it never froze.  It kind of had the consistency of soft serve ice cream.  Not sure what happened....I followed the recipe exactly but I have to admit that I made a blooper this time. Hey! Maybe I can blame it on the freezer.  Sounds good to me!   Until next time.....if life gives me lemons, maybe I'll stick with plain old lemonade.