Thursday, January 31, 2013

Don't Shake the Cake!

I am proud and pleased to announce that this particular blunder is not mine!  WOO HOO!  OH YEAH!  It is the sole responsibility of my husband, bless his heart.  (FYI - in the South, it's alright to say something's not so nice if you "bless their heart" - at least that's what my mama always said)
This is how the story unfolded.  I was asked to make a cake for a fundraiser for one of my daughter's many extra-curricular activities.  They were making and selling lasagna dinners and all of the parents were supposed to make a dessert.  I decided to make a lemon bundt cake because they're really good and easy, my requirements on any recipe.  So, I made the batter, put it in the oven and when the buzzer sounded, I went to check the cake.  My husband, being the sweet, precious man that he is, was helping me and he pulled the cake out of the oven JIGGLING IT ON THE RACK.  I know, I couldn't believe it either.  Can you believe that he didn't KNOW you weren't supposed to jiggle a hot cake?  Well, I'm sure you can imagine what happened.  Yep, it fell.  It was so pretty and light and then 5 minutes later, it looked like an overblown pancake.  That cake didn't make it to the fundraiser, we kept that one at home.  It still tasted good, but it was much more dense, similar to a pound cake.  Anyway, I made another cake and sent it along to the fundraiser.  According to the taste testers (my daughter's friends), it was a hit.

Moral of the story - Don't shake the cake (unless you want a pound

Until next time, enjoy life's beauty and laugh through the blunders, life is much better that way.